Dr. Gary Arnold

"You will start making serious money when you start helping other people solve their serious problems." ~G. Arnold

"Realistic optimism is more than just staying positive. It is when you acknowledge the difficulties of the task… http://fb.me/z06GQii8

"Visualization; think feel and speak it today… live it tomorrow." ~G. Arnold

"Worry is the negative, unproductive side of visualization. Worrying is learned negative conditioned behaviour…. http://fb.me/SNyeziwA

" Laugh, and laugh often. Childred laugh on average 150 times a day. Adults laugh on average 6 times a day…. http://fb.me/VezgSmmO

"Allan Watts once said, ‘Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.’ Stop focusing on the… http://fb.me/JTsumiGJ

"Cause and effect are alway simultanious. There is no gap between the stimulus and the response; that space is… http://fb.me/HdyEvnz8

"Tip: Put your picture on your business cards. Card recipients recognize the card 40% faster, and can remember it 40% longer." ~G. Arnold